Seeking Supervision?


My approach to supervision is to help build up new and seasoned therapists. I have a more casual approach to supervision. We focus much of our time on supervision, looking at counter-transference and compassion fatigue. Many new therapists are burned out before they are fully licensed. Many seasoned therapists are exhausted and burned out because of the everyday demands. Together we can make a sustainable plan to work on self-care, skill-building, and keeping an ethical frame.

During supervision, you can expect us to focus on: presenting cases, assessing skills, emotions and make sure we are meeting the technical points like notes and treatment plans. I feel that supervision should be about helping you become the therapist you want to be and still have a life when you clock out for the day.

Please reach out if you are seeing supervision, and we can see if our styles work well together. I offer individual supervision in either 60 minutes to 120 minutes and Group supervision in 120 minutes to 180 minutes.